About Us

Survival of the Fittest was founded with the mission of providing top-quality products in the supplement industry at the lowest possible prices. We work hard to provide you with a memorable experience at each and every visit. Our customers always come first and we will go the extra mile to make you happy. Our team is dedicated and committed to helping you have a successful shopping experience, no pushy sales staff, and most importantly our first priority is to offer a fast and easy shopping without breaking the bank. Be confident that you are getting a great price on every supplement we sell.

Stop making excuses and start making changes, be apart of the Survival of the Fittest family where only the strong survive. Building the better body you want is achievable, and the resources to do so are easy to access. Survival of the Fittest is a vitamin and supplement store based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are also located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our stores have more than 100 different protein powders, health vitamins, and diet & weight loss supplements to help you achieve optimal health & fitness. As a locally owned and operated supplement store, we strive to provide our community with the best selection of protein powders, mineral supplements, and diet & weight loss products. Did you know that diet is 80% of the weight loss battle? Let us help you supplement your body with maximum fat burning and energy increasing power, to help maximize your healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy is more than just taking vitamin supplements and amino acids, it’s a lifestyle of overall health and fitness. With our whey proteins, vitamin supplements, and diet supplements you can manage and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Our team of associates will be glad to help you figure out which one of our cheap supplements will work best for your lifestyle. Visit our vitamin store and take a look at our wide selection of amino acids, vitamins, and other dietary supplements. With our help, we’ll help you find the best combination of vitamins and supplements to help boost your overall fitness. We’re proud to perform an excellent resource for you and your overall health.